Elizabeth Smart


Elizabeth Smart was born on November 3, 1987, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the second of six children born to Lois and Ed Smart. On June 2, 2002, when she was 14 years old, she was sleeping in her bedroom next to her sister Mary Katherine. She felt something metal against her cheek and woke up. A man was standing in the dark name Brian Mitchell, he asked her to come with her. He took her into the woods where his wife Wanda Barzee was also present. Mitchell fancied himself as a prophet name Immanuel.  He married with Elizabeth and then abused her. They held Elizabeth captive for nine months, starved her, drugged her, and also forced her to drink alcohol. Elizabeth’s sister pretended to be asleep on that day when Mitchell took Smart. Mary recognized the captor of her sister after some time; that he used to work in their house. On March 12, 2003 someone recognized Elizabeth when she was walking with her captor. She was wearing a veil. Police arrested Mitchell and returned smart to her family.

Ariel Castro kidnappings


In 2002, three young girls Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Georgina were kidnapped by a 52 year old man In Ohio. They were kidnapped after taking a ride from Castro. Each girl was locked in a bedroom in his house. They were starved, beaten, abused, and gagged. They were held hostage for 10 years. On one day Castro forgot to lock the inside door and went outside, when Amanda along with her daughter went to the front door and yelled for help. When neighbors heard her voice they came to help her, and called the police. Police arrested Castro and girls were sent back to their homes.



Save us!


My name is Maliya. I was a simple girl; with a simple life and desires. Two days were left for my 20th birthday when this incident happened with me and turned my life upside down. I was shopping with my friends for my birthday. We had a lot of fun that day; i still remember. It was 7 0′ clock when my driver came and I was about to sit in my car when another car came and some people came out of it wearing black masks; they grabbed me so hard that I wasn’t able to resist. I was scared and my heart started pounding so hard that I thought everyone present there could hear the throb of my heart. No one came to save me; they were just looking like it was some kind of a movie shooting scene. They were almost three men; who grabbed me and they put me in their car. I was shouting and crying for help but they were holding me so tight that I wasn’t able to move. Then I saw one man took a syringe and injected me with it. I cried so loud because that syringe hurt me a lot. And then I started getting unconscious and suddenly i found myself lost in the dark.

When I woke up I wasn’t in my senses for some time. Then after some time I started getting conscious. When I looked everywhere I saw that I was lying on a bed and my legs were chained and I was locked up in a cell. It was a tidy and well-ordered cell. I started panicking. When I looked everywhere I saw that there were cells all around me and there were other girls locked up in them. At first I couldn’t understand what was happening there. It looked like a worst nightmare to me. I started yelling out loud for help and started punching the cell. But there was no one who could help me there. I started crying then someone said “It’s useless to cry for help, girl. You can’t get out of here ever; no one can”. I looked up and saw it was the girl standing behind the bars in the front cell. She was smiling and staring at me. I was so focused on the word ‘ever’.

‘Why? Where am i?’ I asked her.

‘Who knows?’ She smiled and said to me.

‘I just want to go home’. ‘Please let me out’. ‘I haven’t done anything’. I said while crying.

‘You think we did something that is why we are in here for some kind of punishment’. ‘No girl, we all are same now’. ‘They will never let you out.’ She said to me.

‘Who are they and what do they want from us?’ i asked her in one breath.

She smiled and said ‘ You will know, soon’.

I remember I was stuck in there for at least three days and was starving. I was sobbing all the time and was only thinking about my parents. ‘How are they going to save me, they don’t know where am I; even I had no clue where I was. My legs started hurting because of those heavy chains.

Then after three days two men came and opened my cage. I wasn’t able to run because of the chains on my legs. I shouted and cried for help and tried to slap one of the men but he slapped me so hard that it felt like someone threw a large brick on my face. They opened my chains, grabbed me and took me with them.

That whole place was like some kind of pub or a disco. There were men everywhere and girls were dancing and they were mostly naked. I was in shock. I couldn’t understand what was going on and why they took me here. I was not one of them. They had mistaken and would let me go. They took me to a room it was a lavish with all the facilities available and looked like some kind of an office.  There was a man sitting on a chair. When I came inside he started staring at me. And then he stood up from the chair and started walking towards me. He was a handsome looking man with a fair complexion. He was almost 6 feet tall wearing black T-shirt, jeans and a black leather jacket. His eyes were blue and very attractive. His hair was black and curly.  When he came near me he started touching my cheeks, hair. I couldn’t do anything because those two men were holding me so tight that I wasn’t able to move.

‘Hi, Maliya’. ‘I am Damon’.  He said to me.

I just shouted and pleaded him to let me go.  But it looked like he didn’t even bother to hear me.

Then suddenly he asked those men to leave me. And he grabbed me from my hand and asked me to sit. I was so scared to argue at that moment because I knew if I would not listen to him; he would beat me. I sat on a sofa behind me and he sat next to me.

‘I don’t like those girls who argue with me’. ‘I just kill them’. He said to me while touching my hair.

I was so afraid of him that I couldn’t utter a single word. I was just crying.

‘Listen girl, you are here now’. ‘Don’t you dare to run otherwise I will cut your legs and will throw you on a street to beg’. ‘It’s better for you to listen to me and do what I ask you to’. Otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences’. ‘I hope you understand’. ‘Am I clear to you’?  He said in a threatening voice.

I shook my head in yes. I didn’t know what happened to me. Then he stood up and summoned a girl, and told me to go with her. She took me to a room and gave me some small and awkward clothes to wear. I didn’t agree to wear it. Then Damon came, and grabbed my hair, and punched me on my face.

‘I told you not to raise your voice against me’. ‘You are going to wear these clothes at any cost, otherwise I will cut you limb from limb’. He said in a cold and harsh voice.

I agreed because I was so scared of him I wasn’t able to bear any more beating. And form that day everything awful started happening to me.  I lost my identity and forgot who I was. I suffered beatings, rape, frequent child birth. But Damon snatched my children and sold them as well for money. I was shattered.  Whenever I disagreed with him he used to beat me, used to lock me in the cell and starved me until I break.

This is not only my story hundreds and thousands of young girls and women are being kidnapped each second and sold into prostitution. I couldn’t change what happened to me; I am still working as a harlot. And every 30 seconds a new human being becomes a victim of modern slavery with a very low chance of ever getting out. Traffickers make 32 billion dollars on profit yearly.


We as an individual should help, and raise awareness in young girls, and women; not to fall in the traps of such people. We should be careful about our surroundings that who is following or keeping an eye on young girls. Maybe one day we can get rid of such animals.




“I am a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile”.

Feelings are like waves, they keep coming towards you . A mother’s feelings are different, father’s feelings are different, a small little child has different feelings and a young boy or a girl has different feelings. why feelings are a part of our life? why we can’t just leave them behind and live our life without them.

we make permanent decisions based on our temporary feelings. And when we get hurt we feel scared of other people and lose our trust.

A Mother loves her child endlessly without wanting to have anything in return. A father works day and night just to fulfill all the requirements of his spouse and children. These are the feelings, affection of such relations towards each other.

When a girl gets young and falls in love with someone. she loves that person truly. But when her feelings gets overrated for that person. The person she loves leaves her in the middle. Then her feelings, her emotions gets shattered. she gets hellbent on being with that person again.

Things change and we move on with our life.But we can’t change one thing; our feelings towards that person. Those feelings were endless before the pitfall but then turns into detestation.

Feelings are a part of our life which we can’t leave behind, but they change with the passage of time for the specific person.

we should never take advantage of someone’s feelings because we don’t know how much courage that person gathered to show you his affection.



“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.” –Elie Wiesel

My Friend told me once “if you want to be someone’s friend just build a grave in your heart so you can bury all his misdeeds there”. (Quite an opinion).

Friendship is a part of our life. There are some things that we can’t share with our parents but we can share it with our friends.

But what happened to friendship now a days. We have started hiding things from our friends.

It is also said that ” Better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back”

What happened to our relations?. why we can’t trust people?. why are we afraid to make friends?

The actual answer to all of the above questions is that; we have lost our faith in relations. In our society now a days we hear on television ;A mother has thrown her son off bridge , Some boys ganged raped their class fellow, teens  murder their friend because they were in love with the same boy, student killed his friend because he was jealous from his friend’s wealth, son murdered his parents because they couldn’t afford to buy him a cell phone. Our society is filled with such heartbreaking stories.

We should forbid all these crazy things and start believing in ourselves. The day we stop doing such things is the day we can make real friends and can live a peaceful life.

Think About it!


Servant of God! Think what you are created from;

You possess wisdom, heart and eyes and still blind

You stopped obeying God, you stubborn man;

Why don’t you think about it when you are put into the grave?

Realize the reality of your existence;

You are the follower of Muhammad.

You have been called the best in the Quran,

You are the best of the rest of the ummah.

First, learn all of this and then take a step;

God has prevented you from commiting any sin.

Oh silly Rashid! If you want God to forgive you,

Then ask Muhammad meditate if you are wise.





Harriet Ann Jacob said, “Death is better than slavery”. I am a Pakistani or at least I was. I was a board topper an intelligent student. My life was normal everything was going smoothly then my parents had decided that now i should get married. They were looking for a nice and beautiful girl for me. Then a proposal came for me. She was a British citizen and amazingly beautiful. My parents had told me that they are interested in me. I agreed because it was my parent’s decision. We had a conversation with my in-laws on Skype. She liked me; so am I. It wasn’t because she was a British citizen but it was because she was pretty and she has a nice heart.


After some days she arrived with her family. And her father had told me that they had to go back soon after a week because they can’t leave their business alone it would go in loss. So i was a boy there was no specific issue for me about any dowry. So we agreed on their terms.


I Ayaan and Beriya; my love. We both got married and on the next day we both had a flight and i didn’t have get a chance to register for my marriage. We both had decided that we would register our marriage in London after our reception.


I loved her; though Beriya was my wife. After our departure from Pakistan we reached to London. Beriya was very loving and kind woman. And also talkative. She told me about her hobbies. She was a British but still her heart was like a Pakistani.


She took me home. Her house was very beautiful and so enormous. Everything was on its place. There were servants and everyone welcomed me with quite honor and respect.


Beriya said. ‘I want it to be perfect Ayaan Our marriage and it would be official after registering it in the British court so you have to wait for three days because the court is close right now due to a strike’.

‘Whatever you say Beriya I trust you with my life; Now you are my wife and my respect’. I said.

After three days her attitude got strange with me. Even her family members were behaving strangely with me. I don’t know what was that but she asked me to stay in another room hitherto our marriage is official. I was getting strange vibes from everywhere. Then her father and two older brothers summoned me.


‘Ayaan, you don’t know why we had brought you here’. So let me clear you the things’. You are not married with my daughter Beriya’. We brought you here as a servant and you are not allowed to go anywhere; your passport, your papers are with us and you will do whatever we ask you to’. If you ever try to run we would definitely kill you and I am sure you don’t want your family to get hurt. Beriy’s father said.


‘But…’I was shocked and was not able to speak anything. His words were pinching me inside. My heart was pounding. They took my passport, my cell phone, and my papers. And i don’t even know the places here. I was new in this country.


‘ If you try to run or even try to tell anyone i would bash your face and would put a charge on you that you tried to hurt my sister and give you to’. Her brother Sam said.


He patted me on my shoulder and said, ‘I hope you understand boy’.


And they told me that from now onwards I am going to live with the servants. One of the servants had told me what I have to do from now onwards.


I was despondent. I didn’t know what i should do now. Our marriage was not legal here. I didn’t even have the papers of our marriage which i have signed in Pakistan. My parents; no one knows what i was going through. They were using me. Even Beriya betrayed me. She was taking a lot of work from me. I had to press her clothes, do laundry, and wash cars. I came to know that it was not only happening with me; there were many other Pakistani boys who were suffering from all this. Pakistani families who are living in foreign countries they marry Pakistani girls and boys and brought them with themselves and use them as servants. It was common and now a fashion but they never think that they are destroying someone’s life. And one day they are going to pay for it.


I tried to run but i was caught and they beat the hell out of me. They didn’t gave me food for almost three days, physically tortured me. I was broken and shattered. My life was like a hell. My wife; which I thought; she betrayed me. She didn’t even care about me.  When I agreed that I would never try to run then they let me move inside the house.

I was vengeful I wanted to end that suffering. I decided that I couldn’t take my life but I can take Beriya’s life. I killed her; she begged me not to. But I didn’t listen her. I left her body there and took my passport and my papers and ran from that creepy house. I disguised. And then when I was on airport cops identified me and caught me. And now I am here in jail talking with you. This was my story and I have no regret for whatever I did.

‘I will fight for you Ayaan’. ‘I will get you out from here. I am a new lawyer and this is my first case but I will succeed’. ‘You were and you are innocent’. ‘I Allison promise you that you will get out from herE soon.





“The tragedy is not that love doesn’t last, the tragedy is the love that lasts”. My life was so dull and boring but the second I laid my eyes on her; my life got a purpose. I don’t want to compare her beauty with anyone; she was out of this world; she was amazing. Katherine  the love of my life. I met her in high school and instantly fell in love with her. I never thought that she would love me the same way I loved her. But as it is said; “life is not a bed of roses”….

Katherine and I were enjoying a rave. Everyone was dancing enthusiastically. I went to bring a drink for her but when I came back Katherine was not herself. She was drunk and was stripping off her clothes. Everyone was looking at her, recording videos, making fun of her. I ran towards her but some boys grabbed me.

‘Don’t be so mean, let us have some fun’. Said the mean and egoistic boy of our high school; Sam.

I told him to let me go, but he didn’t. I wanted to save Katherine, my Katherine.

‘Chuck it guys’. ‘Don’t be so curt Sam’. ‘It’s about Katherine the love of his life. Isn’t it Stiles? Ohhh! Stiles  the true lover of Katherine . The love birds of our High school’. Said by the most beautiful, gorgeous and fickle -Nora; she was a lacrosse player and cheer leader in our school. I didn’t know what people see in her, I just hate her. She was so egoistic, mean and irritating type of girl. She was the girlfriend of Sam.

I tried my level best to save Katherine but those boys were not letting me go. Everyone was laughing at us. Sam hit me hard on my stomach; he was beating me brutally with an iron rod. Everyone was just looking at me but nobody dared to stop them. Sam was the head boy of our school and nobody ever dares to stand against him or stop him. When he got tired and bored his friends left me. I wasn’t able to stand; my wounds were bleeding but I didn’t care for myself I gathered all my energy and ran towards Katherine. I took off my jacket and put it on her. She was drugged and she didn’t know what was going on. I took her at her home.

On the next day when I and Katherine came to school. Everyone was laughing at us. Katherine was baffled. Students were watching the video of Katherine which they recorded last night. She started crying and hid behind me. Suddenly, she held my hand and took me to a classroom. She was crying; so was I. I told her to be normal and forget everything; she would be fine. But I got an unexpected reply; she asked me to bring water for her. I looked at her; something was holding me to stay with her but I left her there. I ran towards the cafe in our school and when I come back I heard loud noises. Everyone was shouting. I ignored those voices and went to the class but Katherine was not there. Then I went outside to look for her I saw people standing under the building and shouting. I saw my Katherine standing on the top of the building. I was stunned; I didn’t know what was happening. Katherine looked at me and smiled; that smile killed me from inside; it was like someone pierced my heart. And then she jumped from the building. At first I was in a state of abeyance. I couldn’t understand what happened; at first she was with me and then she was lying in front of me on the floor covered with blood. I ran towards her but my friend Stefan grabbed me. I was shouting, yelling. I wanted to hold her. But then everything went blur and I got unconscious.

The first thing I knew when I woke up is that I started yelling the name of Katherine. My parents were standing near me; Stefan was sitting next to me. I realized I was in my room. Stefan and my brother were controlling me. When I got normal Stefan told me that I woke up after five days. And the thing which I never wanted to hear is that “Katherine is dead”. Katherine left me all alone. I was alone and shattered. I didn’t even get to bury her. The only person I loved the most in my life left me here. But I had hope that I would see her again one day on the Day of Judgment.

It took me four years to get normal. Then I turned my grief into rage. And decided to take revenge from Sam and Nora. They both made a huge pitfall and were going to pay for that.

I came to know that they both got married and are living in this town. I made the scenario. And went at their house. They were sleeping. I shot Sam on his leg and they both woke up and started yelling.

‘Stiles you?’ Said Nora. ‘What are you doing here? Please! leave him. Please!’

I slapped her on her face and she fell on the floor. She started bleeding from her head.

‘You killed her; she was innocent and you’…

I dragged Sam and took him to the main hall of their house. Sam was crying in agony.

‘What do you want Stiles?’ Said Sam. ‘Please forgive us. We didn’t kill anyone’.

Nora the Prom queen of high school was sitting on the floor and begging me to spare the life of her beloved. She was helpless and fragile just like my Katherine. I was feeling happy.

I told them that I will spare their lives but at one cost…Sam has to divorce Nora. They were staring at me and I was so calm and happy. Nora was begging me and Sam was in a state of bewilderment. I shot Sam on another leg and then he agreed to divorce Nora and he did the same.

Nora was shattered. She was sobbing. She loved Sam a lot. Sam divorced her.

I grabbed Nora from her hair and took her with me. She was crying she wanted to go back to Sam.

‘Please let me go? You got your revenge he divorced me’. ‘Now let me go’. Said Nora.

I didn’t talk to her. I just put her in the trunk of my car and took her into the woods. I took her out of the car and hit her. I was beating her brutally. And then she got unconscious. After she woke up I struck her hard on the ground. She could see her death inside my eyes. She was scared.

‘You took her from me Nora’. ‘She was helpless and you drugged her’. I said these words out loud.

She was not able to speak but still I could hear her murmuring. ‘I am sorry’. ‘I didn’t know that she would kill herself’. ‘Please! Let me go Stiles’.

‘She didn’t kill herself; you did’. I kicked Nora in her stomach. Blood was coming out of her mouth.

Then I stopped and tied her up with a tree. And left her there all alone. And came back home.

I was lying on my bed and contemplating about; what I did with Nora. She was also a girl and I left her there all alone and tied her up with a tree. What would be happening with her? It has been two days that I left her there in the woods without any water and food; is she still alive? I castigated her already when I separated her from Sam and why did I take her with me? If Katherine would be here today she would hate me for what I did with this girl? I am not a murderer; I can’t be this much cruel. I ran and drove my car to the woods.

When I reached the woods I looked at her. She was unconscious; insects were crawling on her body, they were moving inside her wounds. She was here for two days. How can I be so cruel? I untied her and took her to the hospital. She survived but was in critical condition. She woke up after two days.

‘Why did you save me?’ Said Nora

I was quiet at that moment; I didn’t know what to say to her. Then I replied. ‘You got your castigation Nora; it’s over’.

‘I ruined your life and you saved me?’ ‘I am not worth saving Stiles’.

‘I forgive you’. ‘Katherine didn’t want this’. I replied

‘I have lost everything’. ‘My parents died when I was seven years old’. ‘Sam was the only person who was holding me together and I lost him too’. ‘I have no place to go now’. Said Nora

I didn’t know what was happening inside me but her words were killing me. She had lost her parents; there was no one who could guide her through the right and wrong paths in her life. I snatched Sam from her. Her smile was gone because of me. I am the reason that she literally saw death.

‘I am sorry for every pain that I caused you’. ‘I am sorry for the part that I played in your life by inflicting pain on you’. ‘Katherine is gone’. ‘She will never come back’. ‘She is long gone’. ‘I should have let her go.’ tears were flowing down my eyes; but I continued. ‘I know you have no place to go’. ‘Would you like to stay with me at my house if it’s okay with you?’ ‘I am all alone now’. ‘I could use a friend to mourn over my misery’.

She was just looking at me, starring at me with bright little eyes. I got the answer why everyone praises her beauty. They saw her outer beauty. An innocent girl who had no guardian, lived all her life without them. I saw her inner beauty; after what I had done with her she still forgave me.

“I chose to be your friend but falling in love with you was out of my control”.